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This is a place to explore luxury, fashion and sustainability: not the happiest of friends historically. It is information and power to change what inspires you, the way you dress, shop and spend your time. Discover the good and bad of what brands are up to, what is going on behind the scenes (it’s exciting), and how you can enjoy fashion and beauty guilt free. Because currently: it’s not sustainable.

It’s nice to meet you

Hello, I’m Tiffanie Darke. I’ve spent most of my career in fashion as an editor, journalist, author and most recently, shopkeeper.

Me looking very ‘fashion’, stalking the streets of New York in Dior.

As Editor in Chief of Harrods, I saw customers buy £10k watches with a nod of their head, hoover up Bottega bags (their butlers carried the excess), and drop millions on shiny jewels and bespoke chandeliers (yep - theres a build your own chandelier bar). It was fun, hilarious even, until it wasn’t. 

That’s not all. A career as a fashion magazine editor at the Sunday Times saw me actively encourage new season buys, the latest ‘must have’ and a different outfit for every day. My job was inciting desire - the kind of desire that leaves you desperate for a £2000 Chanel handbag.

Well, obviously that couldn’t go on. You don’t need me to tell you that currently we are consuming at a rate 2.5 times faster than that which our planet can afford. So I decided to educate myself. Today, I’m a journalist and shopkeeper: I tell these stories through investigative reports and a store I co-founded to showcase the success stories of fashion and sustainability. 

So I have intel. And I have customers. I know who buys and why, who is good and who is trying, who believes blindly what they are told without following back the supply chain, and who is working on stuff behind the scenes that is going to blow our Saint Laurent socks off.

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Here we are a community of friends, fashion lovers, influencers, journalists, business owners and brand experts ready to change the world. Change for business is hard, but I’m convinced it’s easier if we start with ourselves.

It’s Not Sustainable unites us: together, we have the power to change ourselves and our world.

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A magazine editor, journalist, author and shopkeeper living between London and Ibiza.